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Bill Amberg and Helm overhaul the iconic Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type’s stylistic reign looks set to continue.

Continuations, revivals and reconstructions are all the rage in the classic car market. Brand new boutique British car maker Helm was founded to blend restoration with renovation, taking one of the most iconic car designs of all time – the Jaguar E-Type – and transforming it with modern craftsmanship. Helm was set up in 2020 by Chedeen Battick, a skilled restoration specialist with many years of experience working on E-Types. His new company focuses exclusively on the Series 1 car, introduced exactly 50 years ago in March 1961 and subsequently heralded by many as the most beautiful automobile ever made.

As well as spending 3,800 hours on restoring, updating and enhancing the mechanical specification of each car – including new brakes, gearbox, wiring, suspension and steering, Helm has worked with leathermaker Bill Amberg to create a unique interior experience. Suede and semi-aniline leather finishes now cover every surface, right down to the row of toggle switches on the dashboard.

In the rear of this elegant Fixed Head Coupé model there are two sets of Amberg’s ‘Rocket’ weekend and briefcase bags, and other details include a pure copper ignition key.

Other upgrades include a modern air conditioning system, LED interior lighting and a Bluetooth compatible stereo. Despite its beauty, the original E-Type was supplied with a relatively functional interior, with black plastic surfaces and infamously unreliable electrics from Lucas. ‘I wanted to create the E-type the way I feel it should be,’ says Battick, ‘we’ve remaining sensitive to its history, but there’s no vinyl interior, and no mechanical hassle like carburettor trouble. At Helm, we combine British craftsmanship with the finest standards of modern automotive engineering, instilling a feeling of love, care and attention to detail within each component.’ The company will make just 20 cars, with every owner getting the chance to add their own personal touches to the interior trim and spec. The E-Type’s stylistic reign looks set to continue.


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