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Helm exists to push the boundaries of automotive restoration, and is born out of a love for the Series 1 Jaguar E-type.

Bringing together uncompromising production standards, with advanced modern technology and bespoke interiors, it has a mission to celebrate the artistry of the iconic Series 1 design, while elevating the driving experience to the pinnacle of contemporary luxury.

Helm E-types are produced to the exact specification of the owners, to create unique works of automotive art, which will never be replicated.


Originally designed by former aeronautics engineer Malcolm Sayer, on its release on 15 March 1961, Enzo Ferrari described the Series 1 Jaguar E-type as “the most beautiful car ever made”. Sixty years on, with Sayer’s mathematically perfect lines flowing seamlessly from long nose to shapely rear, it remains a marvel of automotive engineering.

Helm is driven by the singular vision of Chedeen Battick – an automotive engineer with a finger on the pulse of British craft, and a reputation as one of the world’s leading Jaguar E-type restoration specialists.

Having spent over a decade professionally sourcing the finest examples of these cars for restoration from across the UK and Europe, Chedeen founded Helm to create a new standard in Jaguar customisation and to provide a fully bespoke service for those who share his passion for the Series 1 E-type.

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Fully bespoke interiors designed and produced to customer specifications using buttery soft suede and plump semi-aniline leather



Special edition luggage from Bill Amberg, handcrafted in London from the finest calf suede and Italian shoulder leather

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