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Produced to individual specifications in collaboration with acclaimed leather expert Bill Amberg – lowering oneself into the driving seat of a Helm E-type is an unparalleled sensorial experience.

Hand crafted aluminium internal panels are wrapped by Amberg’s team of leather craftspeople, while beautifully executed hand-stitched detailing is available on leather toggle switches, steering wheel and matching grab handle. Leather upholstery is made to order, and Amberg has created bespoke luggage for each Helm E-type, in the form of two sets of his iconic Rocket bags, in weekend and briefcase editions.



Combining British craftsmanship with the finest standards of modern automotive engineering, we are proud to instil a feeling of love, care and attention to detail within each component.

From the steel-reinforced monocoque shell, the handmade aluminium doors and hand built and polished big bore aircraft-grade stainless steel exhaust system, our engineers approach each restoration with a meticulous eye for detail, integrating modern technology subtly without interfering with the purity and elegance of the original design. Under the aluminium handmade bonnet, lies a 300 bhp fast road 3.8 litre normally aspirated engine.



Our specification and restoration choices reflect our desire to celebrate the purity of the Jaguar Series 1 E-type, while providing a canvas for individual self-expression and fine tailoring.

Upwards of 3,800-man hours go into creation of one of Helm’s E-types, and we expect every piece we create to represent and reflect the individual tastes and perspectives of its owner. Targeted towards regular use on the road, our goal is to elevate the driving experience to the pinnacle of contemporary luxury. Should you have special preferences or requests that go further than the choices listed in the below, we will be happy to discuss them.

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